If God Was A Woman…

If God was a woman,
She would have never allowed
man to create such messiness from perfection.
She wouldn’t have assisted him
with the creation of a world in the image
of his undeniable brokenness.

A world who reflects his ego
and insatiable hunger for power,
instead of a world who is inspired
by the sacred knowledge left behind.
There is no holiness in cruelty,
and there are no truths to be discovered in lies.

If God had a wife,
He would have never belittled her,
or have attempted to hush her fiery voice
to be the ultimate reigning force.
They would have co-created a world
who reflected the depth of their love.

We do not live in God’s world;
we live in Man’s world.
No gruesome battle of the sexes
will ever fill in the gaps left by hatred’s hand.
Only love can mend what’s been broken.
The world never belonged to man.

The world belongs to all who inhabit it.
God meet Goddess,
her name is Woman,
and balance will never be attained
until she is recognized
and honored as such.

Copyright © 2021, Marie-Sandra Trudelle



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